Production and Remixing

I’ve been producing music under various monikers since the late 1990s that explore my tastes and passions for electronic music in different ways.

My work covers everything from downtempo industrial soundscapes to bouncy electro and bass music and abstract techno to uptempo breakbeat madness.

Here is an example of electronica music production completed for a collaboration with a vocalist and harp player:

This is a more sound-design-driven and abstract example of experimental techno:

Skip through a condensed 30 minute showreel of my recent uptempo dancefloor-orientated productions:

I also enjoy twisting other people’s music into wild territories through remixing. Here are some examples of what I do:

For Smiley and the Underclass I turned an upbeat reggae track into a horror-core rockabilly drum & bass tune:

For German folk-punk violinist Geigerzaehler I transformed one of his songs into a glitchy lo-fi remix and made everything apart from the rhythm section from his violin recordings:

For the Scald ensemble I boiled down their 25 minute epic Plunge into a more compact and intense sonic assault: