Live shows

In the role of Playback Engineer or Show Designer I have created many custom audio-only or audio-visual setups using Ableton Live at the core but which can also bring in VJ/media-server software such as Resolume Avenue or VDMX.

This has been for my own stage-shows or other stage design, theatre or art installation commissions. I am used to working on a shoestring budget but am keen to embrace larger projects as well.

For the final touch I create a touch-screen control panel to run the whole show via the Lemur software, now available for the iPad. I have worked on solo shows, group/band projects and surround sound setups.

Please get in touch if you have a creative live show that you need my help to realise, need a show technician/operator or if you wish to bring me in as a consultant on an existing project – my head bristles with ideas that need to get out!

For the Crux audio-visual performance events I designed a bespoke 8 speaker immersive audio sound-system, using a capable audio interface with an ADAT I/O extension, a low-latency Ableton Live project, some Max for Live devices and a custom interface made in Lemur running on an iPad and additional gesture-based control with a LEAP Motion controller: